Praise and Worship

Praise and Worship

What is Praise and Worship?



– is to bless, to glorify, to thank and declare the goodness of God, for who he is and what he has done.



– It is an act of humble submission to God, to honour and bow our knees to his wonderful presence for God is totally worthy to be worshipped.


-It is our response to his presence.  Worship is to show reverence and awe to him.


“Let’s Praise the Lord”

An outline on PSALM 150:1-5 by Reginald P. Pamintuan

  1. We are invited to Praise the Lord (V.1)
  2. Who are Invited
  3. Let Everything that Has Breath (V.6)
  4. Means Everyone
  5. Why do we need to praise God?
  6. We Praise the Living God For Who He is “HIS SURPASSING GREATNESS (v. 2)
  7. We Praise the Living God For What He Has Done “HIS ACTS OF POWER”(v.2)
  • Where?
  1. In His Sanctuary (v. 1)
  2. In His Mighty Heavens (v.1)
  3. How?
  4. Instruments
  5. Wind Instruments “Sounding of Trumpets” (v.3), Flute (V4)
  6. Harp and Lyre Family(V.3)
  7. Strings (v.4)
  8. Dance (v.4)
  9. tambourine
  10. Percussion
  11. Resounding cymbals
  12. Clash of Cymbals


  1. We are Called to Praise God
  2. We are Taught why we must praise Him
  3. We are Taught How to praise Him.

On the Side:

Q: How about singing?

A: Yes we are to Praise God Using Singing Eph. 5:19

Q: How about Modern Instruments?

  1. Yes we are to praise God using Instruments as prescribed by the bible or its modern day equivalent. As long as it has not been used in pagan worship or have demonic orientation.



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